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Psychotria nervosa

Wild-Coffee (P. nervosa)

Dull-Leaf Wild-Coffee (P. sulzneri)

Bahama Wild Coffee (P. ligustrifolia)

Psychotria nervosa Sw., P. sulzneri Small, P. ligustrifolia (Northr.) Mills.

sigh-COE-tree-ah ner-VOSE-ah, SULZ-ner-eye, lah-GUS-trah-FOAL-ee-ah



Explanation of names:

Psychotria comes from the same root as psyche, in reference to attributed medicinal benefits of these plants.  Nervosa means veiny, in reference to the leaves.  Sulzner is a personal name.  Ligustrifolia reflects similarity to foliage of Ligustrum (Privet).


Synonym:  P. bahamensis Mills. is a synonym of P. ligustrifolia.


Natural ranges: All are Florida natives



Psychotria nervosa has glossy leaves with deeply indented veins.

Psychotria sulzneri has dull-toned leaves.

Psychotria ligustrifolia is smaller and more compact than the other two species.

Dotted Wild coffee, Psychotria punctata Vatke, is an introduced Old World species encountered occasionally in cultivation or escaped from it.  This species has distinctive bacterial "warts" scattered on the leaf blades.


Landscape uses:  All are tough native shrubs with broad tolerances.  Wild Coffee and Dull-Leaf Coffee are very shade-tolerant.  Bahama (Wild) Coffee tolerates shade too, but less so than the other two.  It is compact and dense-textured. Psychotria sulzneri prefers moist conditions.




FL Native

Growth Form

Flowering Season

Typical Dimensions

Suggested Spacing

Cultural Conditions


Psychotria nervosa


P. sulzneri


P. ligustrifolia

Wild Coffee,


Dull Leaf Wild Coffee,


 Bahama Wild Coffee





P. nervosa 10

P. sulzneri 6

P. ligustrifolia 5





(MO for P. sulzneri)


P. ligustrifolia sunnier than the other two




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