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K. Weeds With Milky Sap

Leaves opposite... Sand Mats (See Chamaesyce under "opposite leaves")

Leaves just under the flowers with a splash of red... Wild Poinsettia (Poinsettia cyathophora)

Plants to 3' tall; leaves to multiple inches long, irregularly lobed; flowers with 3-lobed ovaries... Fiddler's Spurge (Poinsettia heterophylla) (Similar to Wild Poinsettia but without the red markings)

Plant to 2' tall; flowers white with 3-lobed ovary... Grassleaf Euphorbia (Euphorbia graminea) (Resembles Fiddler's Spurge but thinner and with flowers white as opposed to green and pink)

Flower head single, yellow ... Dandelion (Taraxaeum officinale)

Plant to 4' tall; leaves with main vein purple, leaf base curled where it contacts the stem; flower heads yellow... Sowthistle (Sonchus oleraceus, or S. asper)



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